About Cucu Tutu

CUCUTUTU welcomes you to the world of animation and happy learning that educates your kid in the most interactive way. We bring you a playful fun way of education that your child loves and waits for the next episode of the series.

CucuTutu is an Indian Cartoon Series that is based on three friends Cucu, Tutu and Jojo. Cucu is a dedicated athlete girl, Tutu is a lazy boy, and Jojo is the strongest boy. Gogo and Chironji Chacha come in later episodes of the series and become the best people in Cucu, Tutu and Jojos’ lives.

CucuTutu brings you, kids, the friendship of three friends and show you how sweet a bond can be. Come and be a part of Cucu, Tutu and Jojo journeys together, having fun and making the most of your time. Your kids discover life challenges and stay updated with ongoing changes in the world in a fun animation way.

CucuTutu is proud to introduce their cartoon series that makes your kid laugh, dance and swirl with the characters. Children’s learn by making mistakes and experiencing them; hence, we have lessons from which they can learn and not go through them in real life.

Your kid can gain worldly knowledge in the cartoon animation series and understand simple principles like ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ in an entertaining cartoon animation video. We introduce them to festivals celebrated and the story behind them like ‘Holi’.

As we know about GenZ is a growing generation, and they have to face more things in their life starting from an early age. We take the responsibility to show them the importance of trust, relation bonds with cousins, the fights and how to resolve them in a way your kid will enjoy as well as learn life values at the same time.

We take you on fun outings with Cucu, Tutu, Jojo and Gogo to movies and other places to have fun with your friends. We introduce you to games from childhood 90s and make real fun out of them, like ludo and else.

Our cartoon series covers the children’s lives right from the time they start socializing, which starts from school. The happenings in school life and the importance of making friends and having fun times with them. We show them how to be friends with everyone and help anyone who asks for us. Also, your kids learn how to support each other and ask for help whenever in a problem. We give an insight on how to tackle the evil people in your child’s life and be good to them or escape the situation being wise.

We help your kids learn that life will be full of challenges, and they have to deal with people they love and ask for help in difficult situations. They get to know about true friendships and the people who influence them to be better in their lives. They get to know who is honest and make the right decisions at the right time.

We also introduce them to the pandemic culture which the world is facing and its importance. We provide them with the knowledge of sanitizers and masks usage and how the virus has been a problem affecting lives.

We love children, and this is our unique way to take care of them by introducing them to the world of Cucu, Tutu, Jojo and others. Where they experience adventure and go on a journey that is the same as real life. The journey helps your kids learn and make the most of their learning mind, which grasps everything at a faster speed.

We introduce your children to the hardships and concerns in life that must be dealt with a strong will, from dealing with bullies and coming up with solutions to come clean by having a solid friendship bond by your side. Your child gets to know every part of life.

We take pride in introducing this animation series that takes your child through every part of life yet become successful and understand life better. We believe in children’s thought processes and help your child build a strong one. Hence, we make an attempt to make a contribution to make children’s life entertaining and better for a bright future.

As you know, a bright child can turn any problem into an opportunity and grow. Hence, we have series based on the child’s strengths. We encourage them and make them feel better about themselves, giving them the courage to take life head on.

We bring you an exciting children’s cartoon series that provides knowledge and take your kid on a beautiful journey. With fantastic animation and representation of morals in life and stories that our grandparents preserved for us, we get you CucuTutu.

Come and join us on the fun journey of learning by going on the path leading to adventures and motivating your children to live their best life.